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Recent Events

We go beyond visual arts and celebrate the many other forms of art that surrounds us every day and everywhere, such as literature, film, fashion and cuisine, among others.

View our recent events below


Craig Robins’s private contemporary art and innovative design collection, guided by his curator, at the DACRA headquarters in the Design District.

Multimedia visual artist, Maria Cristina Carbonell, opens her intimate studio and workspace in Wynwood to exclusively share with us her works, creation processes and inspirations.


Studio visit and close artist interaction. A unique and inviting art space where 15-woman artist, established and emerging, create freely and independently in a community-based setting.

One-of-a-kind experience metting Bernice, discovering here private collection through a guided tour of her home gallery.


Grafitti: Art or Vandalism? we discovered its history and experienced the movement that started in the streets of New York and Philadelphia in the 70's and it's now present in walls of cities all around the world

The art of wellness series by ArtMeet and Metta. Tea ritual, preparing and savouring tea, in meditative contemplation.


The art of: Appreciating art. Pieces from the Jorge Perez personal collection and contemporary Italian masters, from the Franco Valli Gallery.

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